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Below is a brief collection of testimonials from real TANGO ABC clients. If any of what is shared resonates with you, or if you would like more information about TANGO ABC's group classes, private lessons, or taxi dancing, even competition Preparation, please contact José.

“Upon joining a Tango ABC group class, I immediately noticed the warm enthusiasm José brings to the class through the detailed instruction and tailored feedback he provides to each student (both rare qualities I’ve found hard to encounter in other instructors of other group classes). Moreover, the structure built into José’s teaching is refreshing—how wonderful it is to work with an instructor who teaches in a thoughtful and organized manner! As I transitioned into private lessons with José, his attention to the details of the dance and commitment to providing clear and continuous feedback has propelled my progress as a tango student. Even after two lessons, I was elated to find myself taxi-dancing in a venue with José’s apprentices. Thanks to José’s support and dedication as an instructor, I am already putting the skills I have developed to the test and most importantly, enjoying myself in the atmosphere and dance itself. José brings the whole picture of the tango to his students, from the music and movements to dancefloor etiquette and attire. His relentless eagerness to motivate, support, and challenge his students is inspiring and energizing. Regardless of your level, if you want to learn tango, I strongly recommend José’s Tango ABC. You will not be disappointed.”

“My story is not unique: I started learning tango on a whim and was instantly hooked. The first couple months, I struggled through a variety of local group classes and made very little progress. I can honestly say that my tango education didn’t truly begin until I started working with José at Tango ABC. He helped me understand that I was in a hurry to advance— a mindset that is completely counter to what tango represents. José is an equally skilled teacher as he is a mentor: His attention to detail is evident in the precision of his feedback, and his encouragement of goal setting has translated into achievements I would not have thought were possible for me. I admire José’s ability to make the process of learning tango fun and accessible while cultivating his students’ appreciation for the incomparable art form it is. Tango ABC is quite literally one of the greatest investments I’ve made in myself and I strongly encourage others to do the same.”

“I was looking for a perfect anniversary present for my girlfriend, and as she loves to "wiggle" and I'm more of a stay on the side and drink kind of guy I figured nothing would make her happier than a dance class. Upon a lot of searching Tango ABC seemed to be the perfect mix of price and ratings. Sadly when I told her what her present (one of a few) was, although she appreciated the gesture, she kind of panicked. Apparently although she loved to dance to music all the time, when it came to following instructions in a dance class, that was another story; and she had been literally kicked out of multiple classes (once in elementary school, once in middle school, and even once in college.) However after much talk, upon me saying it may be different as we would be doing this together and supporting each other, we decided we would give it a go anyway. We arrived Saturday night apprehensively only to find ourselves greeted by José's kind smile. He is confident, charming, kind, generous, a wonderful dancer, and the kind of teacher who really seems to find delight in the actual joy of teaching. As neither of us had danced tango before, he immediately offered us a bit of a private lesson before class, complete with a history of the evolution of the dance and a mentality with with to attack it. True love and knowledge of the art spilled out of his lightly accented English, the most memorable quote being "Romance is a mixture of love and hate." and that is how the tango is danced. Long story short by the end of the group class my girlfriend and I had danced non stop and every member of the class (all sweet and not crowded at all) had the opportunity to give a little demonstration of what they had learned. My previously reticent girlfriend was so delighted and thanked me for pushing her into it, saying it was the best gift. We couldn't stop smiling for an hour as we danced in each other's arms. Learning, exercising, and delighting to the lovely rhythms of the tango. My only complaint is that we were having so much fun we didn't realize how much exercise we were actually getting, but my sore leg muscles the next day had indeed noticed. Learning, having fun, getting a great exercise in, and even progressing as a couple.... What more could one need? My girlfriend and I are so excited to go next week, and another 8 times after that (at least). I can't wait, and we r already practiced our routines a few times in the 24 hours since. Long story short, we would almost prefer you didn't sign up for this class, as we don't want to share José. But that wouldn't be fair to such a great teacher. So, if you're indecisive, trust me and take the jump into Tango ABC. We will be recommending it to our friends and family (both couples and singles). Note: I am a 27 year old man who has never taken a dance class before and my girlfriend is 21. We honestly think this class would be awesome for all ages and sexes. Thanks again José for helping me provide a wonderful anniversary gift for my girlfriend (and for me as well)!!!”
—Roby and Elen

"Dear Jose, I want to take a moment to thank you for starting me off on my Tango journey 2 years, 3 months, 3 weeks, and 3 days ago (but who's counting). It has been so worthwhile and rewarding. From the beginning, your heart, humor, teaching, sensitivity and insights inspired me and kept me going. You have been a great tango father and brother to me; I am honored and grateful to be part of this process. Many many thanks for everything you have taught me and the wisdom you have shared with me through this journey. Abrazos!"

“Taking private lessons with José is a pleasure and a great value. His knowledge and teaching ability make him a fantastic guide for learning or perfecting tango. I took a package of 9 private lessons during one month, and progressed significantly during the course. I also chose to engage him for 2 hours per milonga for “Taxi Dancing” to enhance my experience at the milonga. Overall I highly recommend José and Tango ABC. Thank you so much, José, for your dedication and enthusiasm! Best wishes for 2018!”

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