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           1st. Understand the importance of technique:

A. What you can Achieve.

B. What Happen if you don't

C. Why I'm different from other teachers 

A. What you can achieve:

TECHNIQUE, If was a baker, technique is like my ability to make cakes that taste GOOD.

No matter how simple or complicated my cake is. But without technique the won't taste good.

B. What happens if you don't have technique:

You can learn fancy moves and learn to make a very complicated cake

But without technique, you are limited to the pattern you are taught.

If you know how to make the cake taste good, with a few lessons on making certain cake, you 

can start to create you own cake.

C. Why I'm different from other teachers:

90% of tango students, unfortunately are in the group of people who try to make a cake without knowing how to make it. 

Unfortunately, tango teacher need to cater to the students wants, and many teachers teach without this discipline.

I refuse to be like the rest because I don't view teaching as simple as means to earn a living. 

To me "Tango is a way of life" as One of my dear Mentor thought me. 

And as your teacher, I am responsible to teach you the principle of tango and what it was meant to be.

I give you what you need, not just only what you think you want.

- Jose E. 

About: Jose Espinoza

3rd Place Winner 2017 Argentine Tango USA Championship "Milonga Category"

Jose Espinoza has been extensively trained in the traditional school of Argentine Tango. He carries with him the strong philosophy to make the dance about your dance partner and making the lady shine on the dance floor. As such, his teaching focuses heavily on the basics of connection and is one of the most well structured curriculums for tango. His teaching gives you a very strong fundamental skill set that allows you to build up with any master teacher. He is also known to be one of the fastest teachers to get a novice dancer to start learning in the dance class and getting them to comfortably dance at the milonga dance parties. 

If you want to learn about the classic tango culture, dance it in the traditional style, obtain the most solid fundamental techniques to dance, and hit that dance floor as soon as you can, look no further!!

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