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F O R   I M M E D I A T E   R E P L Y ,    P L E A S E   C A L L

P R I V A T E   L E S S O N S

Private lessons are the most effective method for becoming a great tango dancer. Whether preparing for a special occasion or looking to impress the regulars at a local milonga, José tailors private lessons to the needs of his students and encourages goal setting in service of their specific outcome objectives. The 1:1 format allows for focused attention on what is necessary for the advancement of that particular student. Private lessons are appropriate for novice and experienced dancers alike, as well as individual leaders, followers, and couples. For scheduling and pricing information, please contact José.

*T A X I   D A N C I N G

Hitting the dance floor is not always a straightforward process in tango, particularly when attending an unfamiliar milonga. Limited space, unfamiliar music, and other distractions can have an unfortunate effect on one’s ability to recall basic movement patterns, prevent collisions with neighboring couples, and maintain a strong partner connection. Taxi dancing is the quickest way to overcome milonga-nxiety. Hiring a *pay-by-the-hour dance partner is a common practice in the tango community whose primary benefits include increased time on the dance floor and accelerated progress. TANGO ABC offers taxi-dancing services for both leaders and followers who wish to avoid common pitfalls and gain confidence in social dance settings. For questions and pricing information, please contact José.

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W H A T    D O E S    T A N G O    A B C  

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G R O U P   C L A S S E S

For beginner and intermediate dancers, group classes provide an opportunity to learn and reinforce foundational tango, tango vals, and milonga movements in a casual setting. Participants are invited to work with multiple partners and “perform” the material covered throughout the class. Group classes are capped to ensure that each student receives quality instruction and feedback. Advanced registration is recommended to guarantee admission. Discounted multi-class packages are available for purchase on site. No partner necessary to participate. Walk-ins welcome (cash only please). To register for an upcoming group class, please contact José.