W I T H   J O S É   E S P I N O Z A


F O R   I M M E D I A T E   R E P L Y ,    P L E A S E   C A L L

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S T A R T   R I G H T

TANGO ABC represents José's emphasis on foundational tango movements, or the A-B-Cs of tango. He believes that basic movements executed with proper technique are the building blocks for advanced expressions of tango. Without mastering the “alphabet”, reading, writing, and developing a sophisticated vocabulary in tango are simply not possible. Whether intended as a hobby or a serious endeavor, José understands that creating good habits from the start will not only mitigate future frustration, but also loss of time, energy, and resources.

T R U S T   T H E   P R O C E S S

As with most forms of dance, tango gives an impression of effortlessness. In reality, becoming a great tango dancer requires patience and discipline. Tango reveals natural movement patterns that can impede the progress of novice and intermediate dancers alike. Regardless of the starting point, José patiently guides students through this rewiring process and encourages questions along the way. Trusting that a steep learning curve does not dictate one’s ability to master a new skillset is an important realization for discovering new horizons in tango… and beyond.


D I S C O V E R   Y O U R   P O T E N T I A L

In tango, a strong connection between partners is essential. In learning how to give and receive cues in an embrace, leaders and followers begin to cultivate intuition that will benefit experiences and interactions on and off the dance floor. As much as tango is a shared experience; it can equally become one of self-discovery. José seeks to empower his students to unearth their potential in the hopes that the broader experiential takeaways will enhance other areas of their life.


W H Y   T A N G O   A B C ? 

A B O U T   J O S É

José Espinoza is a lifelong dance aficionado with extensive training in traditional Argentine tango. With over ten years of professional teaching experience, José has helped a variety of individuals and couples reach educational milestones with thoughtfully crafted tango, talgo vals, and milonga curricula. For José, teaching tango is not simply a means for earning a living, but a vehicle for mentorship and human connection.
José’s primary objective as a teacher is simple: to make great tango dancers. His approach can be characterized as one that prioritizes mastery of the fundamentals above decoration and superficial novelty. José believes that learning tango should be a joyful process, and he prepares all of his students with the mindset that they will become the torchbearers of tango’s legacy for the next generation.